Corporate Training

Corporate Training

We have been in the field of HR in corporate training - soft skills/behavioural skills for the last 12 years and our forte lies in developing training programme to address specific issues an organization may be having. These programmes are designed for corporate executives/adult learners, are interactive and include experiential games, role plays, video presentations and self learning tools for enhancing the understanding of concepts.

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Some of the programmes we have been conducting are given below:

Team building

For cohesion in the team, improved communication, team spirit and motivation, collaboration and fostering an environment of innovation and creativity, which would ultimately lead to an enhanced team performance.

Conflict management

To understand why conflicts happen, what are positive and negative conflicts, to know one’s own predominant conflict management style and its repercussions.

Negotiation skills

This program teaches a structured way of preparing, participating in and evaluating a negotiation. Most of us go through a negotiation operating purely on instinct and have no yardstick to assess whether or not the negotiation was in our favor.

Cross-cultural orientation and international protocol

If we desire long term associations in global business today, it is imperative to understand the patterns of doing business, cultural nuances and expectations of business entertaining and behaviour in different parts of the world. Insights from this programme smoothen interaction between organizations resulting in favourable and positive outcomes.

Team dynamics and interpersonal relationships

To ensure optimization of its human resources, organizations want supportive and improved relationships with external as well as internal audiences. This program helps executives develop these skills for strong, long-lasting relationships. These, and a host of other training modules are available for helping individuals develop their personal and professional skills which helps in the growth of the individual as well as the organization.

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